Admiration vs attraction

” Any man can admire a beautiful woman , but it takes a true gentle man to make his woman look beautiful and admirable ” . 

The above quote snatched my attention and threw me into the graves of deep thoughts. I wondered is it every woman’s wish just to be approved by the society because of her appearance or does it actually hold beneath a strong desire of gaining approval because of their qualities. Would they love to be just a piece of attraction for men in general or would it be more satisfying for them to hear words of praises for what their nature upholds. Would they find it more appalling if a man finds merely pleasure in her or rather bestows her with worldly pleasures . Sitting on the couch I wonder ,if every man can actually read those hidden emotions and urges of the women. If they can actually understand it’s more than just attraction is what they actually need . No , attraction is not something to feel loathed about ; rather I would say embrace it wholeheartedly.But , let it not overwhelm you . Let it not be the only parameter to judge the worth of a woman .  Well man , is this how you would want your girl or women to be viewed by your other male friends or the society in general. If not ,then why be a part of unethical emotions rather , why not take your wisdom to a higher level . Let not get yourself sunk into the plethora of not so aesthetically sound emotions . Let attraction take a backseat with respect to admiration. 

 Now , let’s do a role reversal and apply the above notions accordingly for man.l et man be the showpiece and subject of undivided stares and gazes from women. Let Beauty be at its highest level and knowledge be just the opposite. Let beauty alone define the depth of human worth . Then where would our self esteem hold a place ? Or rather I might say would there be any place left for our self esteem . Would human values be vital anymore ? Would not racism find the most comfortable seat in this whole scenerio ? And ultimately , will we , ourselves ,the educated lot be not responsible enough to contribute to the increasing crimes in the society ? 

The need is to build a mentality which would value human values over the physical appearance of an individual . Admiration needs a priority over attraction , for both men and women. Let humans not get dissolved under obsolete desires and thus save the society from getting doomed . 

nutrition facts

  • Bananas are high in sugar,
    so they should not be eaten if you have blood sugar problems.
  •  Beet roots are high in carbohydrate levels and should therefore be used sparingly.
  • The high water content in celery makes it ideal for vegetable juicing.
  • Both the leaves and seeds aid digestion, relieve intestinal gas, pain and distention.
  • Fennel can be useful for indigestion and spasms of the digestive tract.

Millions of people say they are thrilled by

Millions of people say they are thrilled by watching long, dull videos of folding towels or running hair dryers. Why? It could be a curious condition that didn’t officially exist until 2010.


It’s a tightening at the back of the throat, or a tingling around your scalp, a chill that comes over you when you pay close attention to something, such as a person whispering instructions. It’s called the autonomous sensory meridian response, and until 2010 it didn’t exist.